The Climate Smart Food Digital Summit runs over three consecutive weekdays (24th, 25th and 26th September). Each session will included interactive presentations, panel discussions, audience Q&As, fireside chats and Start-Up pitches.

New Tech and Novel Ingredients for a Sustainable Future

Technological innovations, including those tackling packaging waste, promise to move the needle on carbon emissions. So do novel ingredients too, which have the power to significantly improve the sustainability of everyday products. But not all innovations are on the market, and tight investor budgets could see trailblazers struggle to reach the regulatory stage. Which new ingredients and technologies will go the distance to truly transform what and how we eat?

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Panel Discussion
Packaging Unwrapped: Innovative Solutions for the Circular Economy

More plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050? That’s where we’re headed if we don’t rethink packaging with the circular economy in mind. Luckily, as single-use plastic falls out of favour, alternative solutions are coming to the fore. Making a difference is no mean feat, with innovations needing to be eco-friendly, widely accepted and make good business sense. Join us as we unwrap the complexities of sustainable packaging.

Chair: Donna Eastlake, Deputy Editor, Food-Navigator Europe 

Founder and Chief Stroodle
Stroodles - Eco Tableware
Programme Manager - Plastics Initiative
Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Head of Loop, France
The ‘Hybrid’ Potential in Meat and Dairy

So-called hybrid products promise so much. By blending real meat or dairy with plant ingredients, animal-based products can instantly win a lower carbon footprint and improve nutritional profiles. But despite all these gains, innovation in meat and dairy hybrids remains low, and historic hybrid products have failed to resonate with consumers. Does the hybrid proposition still have legs?

Senior Global Food and Drink Analyst
Start-Up Pitches: Chewing the Fat

Oils and fats are essential ingredients, boosting the taste, texture, and even the appearance of food products. But how tropical oils and animal fats are sourced regularly comes under scrutiny. Can novel technologies help alleviate deforestation and animal welfare concerns? We meet three innovators, each presenting on how they are rethinking oil and fat production in the lab.

Hoxton Farms
Chief Innovation Officer
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Yum Bug: Let’s go to an Insect Restaurant!

On the hunt for more protein with fewer greenhouse gas emissions? That’s what led the FoodNavigator team to England’s first insect restaurant, Yum Bug. But what exactly makes crickets a healthy and sustainable food source? And is the co-founders’ ambition of democratising insect consumption paying off? Join us as we quiz Aaron Thomas and Leo Taylor on all things creepy crawlies.


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Panel Discussion
Hungry for Next-Gen Protein? Building a Market for Stem Cells, Microbes, and ‘Food from Air’

New proteins promise so much: lower carbon emissions, good quality nutrition, and improved animal welfare. But if this is all true, why is global uptake so slow? We unpick the hurdles standing in the way of a true protein transition and ask how to whet consumer appetites for novel ingredients. Are there any learnings to be taken from first-to-market pioneers?

Chair: Nicholas Robinson, Editor, Food-Navigator Europe

Chief Executive Officer
Fresh Start FoodTech Incubator
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Aleph Farms
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