Climate Smart Food Digital Summit

20-22 September, 2022
Online on

In this three-day event, FoodNavigator will examine supply chain and agricultural emissions; nutrition security in an era of climate breakdown; and sustainable production and consumption. 

Sustainable nutrition sits at the heart of a transition towards a less damaging global economy and a healthier future for people and planet.

Climate change is a material business risk for the food sector. Never before has the footprint of food faced such intensive scrutiny from companies, consumers and regulators. Businesses failing to place climate-smart strategies at the heart of decision-making risk serious consequences, from reputational damage to long-term supply chain insecurity. Addressing inefficiencies in the food value chain and reducing the carbon impact of food production and consumption is vital for the delivery of healthy and sustainable diets.

But any systemic risk that you find a way to manage and mitigate is also an opportunity. Innovators are responding with new and inventive ways to make food systems less carbon intensive, driven by a deepening understanding of the links between nutrition, health, biodiversity and climate.



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