Plant-based potential: Innovation, diversification and new protein sources

Wednesday March 16, 2022 | 2pm CET

The first session of the EMEA Edition of the Positive Nutrition Series starts with a fireside chat between Tammy Fry, Global Brand Lead The Fry Family Food Co and the moderator of this session Katy Askew, Senior Editor at They will discuss Innovation to make plant-based nutrition more accessible to the mass market.

This fireside chat will be followed by a presentation from Solina. More information on Solina’s presentation will be available shortly.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Katy Askew, Senior Editor at on Boosting plant-based nutrition: The possibilities and pitfalls of plant-based diets

Plant-based diets currently benefit from something of a health halo. But what happens if this slips? Increasing attention is being paid to the nutritional profile of plant-based options, which are facing scrutiny of their ingredients list.

How can plant-based food makers deliver alternative protein products that – one the one hand – meet the taste and texture expectations of consumers and – on the other – deliver positive nutrition outcomes? Join us to delve into the possibilities and pitfalls of plant-based nutrition.

The panellists for this session are:

This panel discussion will be followed by a presentation from Carol Bingley, Technical Specialist at RSSL. Latest Developments in Plant Based Proteins.

Carol's presentation will be followed by a presentation from Olivier Chevalier, Senior Product Manager Functional Proteins at BENEO and Benoit Tavernier, Product Manager Rice Ingredients at BENEO who will cover why plant based ingredients, such as wheat proteins, are one of the focus ingredients at BENEO

Health conscious consumers have been encouraging the development of more healthy eating options across the globe for a number of years and one significant area of growth has been in the increasing uptake of plant-based proteins, as more consumers choose to follow a meat-reduced or meat-free diet.

There are different reasons why consumers are reducing their meat consumption like health, animal welfare and the environment. Wheat proteins are playing a key role in the formulation of meat substitutes as they are a sustainable source of proteins, providing good texture and neutral taste.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Oliver Morrison, Section Editor at discussing Beyond soy and pea: emerging ingredients and technologies to unlock plant-based nutrition

As the plant-based sector matures, manufacturers are exploring moving beyond pea and soy protein to bring different tastes and textures to the table. What different alternative protein combinations and technologies might we look to?

What’s key to designing plant-based products based on the nutritional profile and the health benefit that a manufacturer would like to provide? What are the nutritional pros and cons of the up and coming alternative proteins? How significant is using high versus low moisture extruded protein? What potential do technologies such as biomass fermentation and cellular agriculture offer from a nutritional point of view?

The panellists for this session are:


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