Plant-Based Protein in Focus: from Pongamia to chickpeas

Thursday, March 24, 2022 | 11am CT


The second session of the USA Edition of the Positive Nutrition Series start with a fireside chat between Gregory Belt , Founder & CEO, EverGrain Ingredients and the moderator of this session Elaine Watson , Editor at They will dive into Barley protein in the spotlight.

Barley is mostly starch (which is why brewers like it, as the sugars in the starch are converted to alcohol) and fiber, and only contains around 10-15% protein, so it’s not grown as a protein crop. However, ‘spent’ barley - what's left after the brewing process - is packed with protein, but has historically been dumped or used in low-value applications such as animal feed or fertilizer, says EverGrain CEO Greg Belt, who was on assignment in AB InBev’s R&D center in Belgium in 2013 when he first became interested in the fate of the millions of tons of spent grains the brewing industry churns out every year…

Elaine will catch up with Greg to explore the nutritional, technical and functional properties of barley protein, where it sits in the broader plant-based protein segment (is it the next soy or pea or destined to be a more niche player?), how it fits into the emerging ‘upcycled’ food economy, and how to talk about it with consumers.

This fireside chat will be followed by a presentation from Aurelie Mauray, PhD, Market Manager Plant Proteins Americas, Roquette on What makes pea protein the most attractive and sustainable plant protein ingredient?

Today's consumers are more and more willing to eat with conscious, leading to a rising focus on health and sustainability with no compromise on taste. This shift from ethical beliefs to positive nutrition motivates food developers to continue innovating, with cleaning labels and elevating the nutritional profile of products, especially using protein ingredients that are environmentally - friendly and deliver in taste, functionalities and nutritional attributes. Among plant protein sources, pea protein is the best choice to bet on for developing a wide variety of delicious & nutritious plant-based foods, while preserving the planet.

Discover why Roquette has selected pea to develop future’s food innovations with its Nutralys® pea protein range advantages and offer a unique long-term vision.

  • Consumers are looking for delicious, sustainable and healthier plant-based foods.
  • Pea brings all the advantages to answer consumer demand.
  • Roquette invests in each step of the value chain for a reliable and sustained pea protein supply.
  • From the field to innovations, Roquette gets the most of pea protein to offer to food producers and builds the future of plant-based food.
  • Roquette’s ambition over the 5 coming years is to offer new protein solutions from pea and beyond thanks to new protein technologies in-house & external global collaborations.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Elaine Watson , Editor at, who will be Plotting the next 10 years in plant-based protein

The so-called ‘alternative’ protein landscape remains dominated by plants. But the formulation toolbox is expanding rapidly, with the likes of pea and fava beans set to compete with everything from ‘animal-free’ dairy and collagen proteins; to fungi-, algae-, bacteria- and yeast-derived proteins made in fermentation tanks; to a new wave of proteins made via ‘cell-free’ microbial production platforms – as well as real animal cells - over the next decade.

So where is the plant-based protein market going, what’s new in the toolbox (from Nepra’s work on hemp to Terviva’s work on Pongamia), and are new plant-based options always going to be an easier sell for consumers than some of the more exotic new offerings emerging from Silicon Valley? This panel discussion will explore all angles from science, investment, and formulation to marketing.

The panelists for this session are:


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