Healthy Beverage Trends: from sparkling water to functional wellness shots

Thursday, March 31, 2022 | 11am CT


The third and last session of the USA Edition of the Positive Nutrition Series starts with a fireside chat between Chris Hall , CEO, Talking Rain and the moderator of this session Mary Ellen Shoup , Senior Correspondent at They will discuss the company's stellar journey From regional brand to national beverage powerhouse

Perhaps best known for its Sparkling ICE brand which propelled the company from a regional brand to national beverage company roughly a decade ago, Talking Rain has since successfully expanded into a number of other high-growth segments from its spin on energy drinks with Sparking ICE +Caffeine (launched in 2018) to zero-sugar performance water TRE and alkaline water brand Talking Rain AQA. Hear the unique path to market Talking Rain has taken to become a powerhouse beverage company with a diverse portfolio of functional and better-for-you offerings.

This fireside chat will be followed by a presentation from Florencia Moreno, MSc . Global Business Development Manager Health & Nutrition, Rousselot on Giving your tasty beverages a healthy makeover with collagen peptides.

2 in 5 consumers pay attention to flavor as a key purchasing factor, at the same time they are increasingly aware of what they eat. Pleasure and wellbeing is at the forefront of positive nutrition. For positive nutrition to succeed, it is key to deliver two aspects: awareness and beverage (and food) options that are not only healthy, but also delicious. Format innovation across the beverage segment can work as a great leverage in consumer’s compliance with a positive nutrition lifestyle. Collagen peptides as a premium, easy-to-use and bioactive protein can come in play when manufacturers wish to address consumers’ desire for tasty and healthy beverages, while having the versatility to develop a wide range of innovative applications.

In this presentation the US market trends and insights on functional beverages will be discussed, including what consumers are looking for in terms of taste, flavor and texture

  • Collagen peptides and their role as 'hero ingredient' in beverages' applications
  • How collagen peptides can play a role in helping manufacturers formulate innovative beverages to cater different demographics such as millennials and healthy agers
  • Finally, attendees can expect to see some innovative beverage products on the market featuring the attributes demanded by consumers

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Mary Ellen Shoup , Senior Correspondent at, who will be discussing What’s next in better-for-you beverages?

Consumers have taken health and wellness into their own hands, and beverages are a huge part of that equation. Whether it’s swapping out soda for flavored sparkling water or incorporating wellness shots and juices with immunity-boosting ingredients into their daily routines, consumers are forming new and lasting habits when it comes to their beverage choices.

So, what exactly are consumers looking for when it comes to their beverage selection and which products and brands fit their evolving lifestyle choices? Hear from some category front-runners on how they’re capturing the next better-for-you wave in the beverage category.

The panelists for this session are:


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