Feeding the Gut Microbiome: from pre-, pro-, and postbiotics to resistant starch

Thursday, March 17, 2022 | 11am CT


The first session of the USA Edition of the Positive Nutrition Series start with a fireside chat between Miguel Freitas, PhD , Nutrition Scientist and Probiotics Researcher; VP Health and Scientific Affairs at Danone North America and the moderator of this session Elaine Watson , Editor at They will dive into What does a ‘healthy gut microbiome’ look like?

Is it all about having a wide diversity of bacterial populations, or is it more about the absence, presence, or preponderance of certain key bacteria? Is an ‘unhealthy’ microbiome a result of poor health, or directly responsible for certain health conditions? And if the latter is true, to what extent can we mitigate these health problems by modulating our gut bacteria? How far have we come since Jamie Lee Curtis first introduced Americans to the concept of ‘good’ bacteria, and what are the key questions we still need to answer?

This fireside chat will be followed by a presentation from Justin Green, PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs, Cargill Health Technologies on Postbiotics: The Science Behind the New, Emerging Immune and Gut Health Trend

Consumers have heard about probiotics, but now there's a new biotic the is quickly gaining traction: postbiotics. Being heat and pH stable, postbiotics make it easy to add immune and gut health benefits to functional food and beverages. In this presentation, the audience will learn about what makes postbiotics different from pre-and pro-biotics, how immunity is linked to the gut and the science behind one specific postbiotic, EpiCor(r) whole food fermentate. 

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Elaine Watson , Editor at, who will discuss Probiotics, postbiotics, and fermented foods. 

This panel discussion will explore fermented foods, probiotics and postbiotics, looking at everything from how to build a consumer brand around probiotics, to whether fermented foods and yogurts contain probiotics (spoiler alert: not necessarily), and whether postbiotics, sometimes described as the ‘waste’ products of fermentation, could open new application opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers.

The panelists for this session are:

This panel discussion will be followed by a presentation from Melissa Kaczmarczyk, PhD, MPH , Principal Scientist, North America, Tate & Lyle on Soluble Corn Fiber as a Prebiotic. 

This presentation aims to define prebiotics and provide substantiation for soluble corn fiber as a prebiotic. The webinar will highlight research on soluble corn fiber and changes in gut microbiota and soluble corn fiber and calcium absorption. It will include how this can be applied to products and claims.

The presentation will conclude with highlighting new research demonstrating how fiber fortification can help increase the intake of dietary fiber.

  • Can define prebiotic and understand why soluble corn fiber meets the definition of prebiotic
  • Understand the importance of fiber to bone health
  • Understand what claims can be made for prebiotics in the US
  • Understand how fortification can increase dietary fiber intake and reduce risk

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Elaine Watson , Editor at, who will discuss Prebiotic fibers and resistant starch.

Prebiotics, defined by ISAPP as ‘a substrate that is selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a health benefit,’ are finally starting to gain traction in food & beverage applications, with firms exploring everything from green banana powder to Jerusalem artichoke, chicory root powder and resistant potato starch. But which prebiotics have solid science behind them, and how do you talk to consumers about them? Can you generate excitement around an ingredient called ‘resistant starch’ in a carb-wary food culture, and what kinds of claims resonate with shoppers?

The panelists for this session are:


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