The last day of the digital summit will kick off with a presentation from Rick Miller, Associate Director - Specialised Nutrition at Mintel on The evolution of clean label in the new normal. Clean label is one of the leading trends within food, drink and specialised nutrition. In this keynote presentation, we’ll explore what has driven and continues to drive this insatiable consumer demand for clean and natural ingredient labels. We’ll ask what do consumers really mean by ‘clean’ and how are brands are responding to their needs with respect to other trends? Finally, in the wake of COVID-19 we’ll delve into a future prediction for clean label in the new normal.

Rick’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with live Q&A. Chaired by Flora Southey, Section Editor of FoodNavigator, the panel will discuss Clean label and positive nutrition: challenges and opportunities. Consumers want fewer ingredients, with nothing artificial, when they browse food labels in-store. From a food maker’s perspective, these ingredients can also play into the positive nutrition agenda. What challenges do brands face when using innovative ‘clean’ and ‘natural’ ingredients to reformulate or fortify their products? How is the clean label trend helping to shape NPD, all the while delivering on taste, texture, and shelf-life?


We will continue this session with a presentation from Marit van der Heijden, Marketing Manager at Rousselot on The future of clean label: Adding smart sustainability. How gelatin contributes. What started with a demand for natural products without additives, has developed into a holistic perspective to meet a wide range of ethical and environmental criteria. With information at people’s fingertips, opinionated consumers can drive the innovation landscape within food and pharmaceutical industries. What does it mean when we replace ingredients from a clean label perspective? How holistic is the current definition of clean label? And: what will the future definition of clean label be? In this 20 minute presentation, you will learn more about how gelatin has become an indispensable multi-functional ingredient that helps food formulators meet the current, and the future definition of clean label.

We will end this session with a presentation from Vincent Mathys, EMEA Marketing Leader at IFF Nourish division on How to prioritize the clean label features that matter and succeed on the shelves? Clean label isn’t an end game but a journey. The term it-self has as many definitions as there are people on the planet - ranging all the way from ingredients that sound natural, to the planetary and social impact of how those ingredients are sourced and processed.

Key learnings will be:

  • How to prioritise the clean label features that matter?
  • How to make informed decisions when formulating clean labels and exactly what it takes to succeed on the shelves?
  • Examples of recent launches across various industries on how IFF helps to solve our customer’s clean label challenges.

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