The last day of the digital summit will continue with a presentation from Sophie Hieke, Head of Consumer Science at European Food Information Council (EUFIC) and professor for marketing at Munich Business School on Free-from claims – how do European consumers respond to and interpret them? What do European consumers understand when looking at free-from labels? How relevant is this information in their purchase behaviour? In this session, Dr Sophie Hieke will present insights from consumer research conducted cross several European countries. The webinar will look into consumer perceptions around different free-from labels and their impact on product evaluation. It will also discuss the potentials and the pitfalls of marking products as free from something.

Sophie’s presentation will be followed by a presentation from Tim McLachlan, Chief Executive at Natasha Allergy Re-search Foundation. We will continue with a panel discussion with live Q&A. Chaired by Katy Askew, Senior Editor of FoodNavigator , the panel will discuss Innovative approaches in free-from foods . Rising allergy diagnoses mean that foods free-from foods are an important lifeline to many consumers. It is a niche that presents an innovation opportunity. But many would suggest it is also a market that is currently underserved. This panel discussion sees experts weigh in on the current market for products that cater to consumers with allergies, asking if there is an opening to better serve this growing cohort.


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