The third day of the digital summit will continue with a presentation from Gharry Eccles, Vice President UK and Oceania, Cereal Partners Worldwide (Nestlé & General Mills) on Reformulation in the cereals industry. CPUK has been on a long reformulation journey spanning a decade, all with the aim of improving the nutritional profile of its breakfast cereals. Along with others in the category, the business has made some significant changes, with cereals now recognised by Public Health England as one of two categories that have made the biggest reductions in sugar content since 2018. This session will explore CPUK’s reformulation and fortification journey so far, including its challenges and achievements, alongside CPUK’s future plans to continue developing the nutrient profile of its products in 2021 and beyond.

Gharry’s presentation will be followed by a presentation by Paul Courtney, Global New Product Development Director at Sweegen on Solving the Reformulation and Fortification Puzzle: Next Generation Ingredients and Strategies for Sugar Reduction . As the food and beverage industry is called on to expand programs to reduce levels of energy and added sugar in their products, nature-based high intensity sweeteners and holistic taste modulation will play a key enabling role in sugar reduction across product development programs. Product developers need to know the latest information about next generation sweeteners and innovative taste modulation technologies and techniques available today and coming in the near future.

In this presentation, Paul will:

  • Discuss the key role Sweetness and Taste Modulation play in reformulation and fortification projects
  • Provide an overview of Sweegen’s current and future innovations
  • Deliver practical advice for how to meet consumers needs using sweetness and taste modulation techniques

We will continue with a panel discussion with live Q&A. Chaired by Flora Southey, Section Editor of FoodNavigator, the panel will discuss Reformulation and fortification: Looking beyond fat, salt and sugar. Food makers are under increased pressure to cut fat, salt and sugar from their products. While reformulating to remove these nutrients is undeniably important, what about shaking up recipes to add in others? This panel will discuss the current challenges facing food brands to take out the ‘baddies’, as well as opportunities to add in positive nutrients through fortification.


  • Paul Courtney, Global New Product Development Director, Sweegen
  • Gharry Eccles, Vice President UK and Oceania, Cereal Partners Worldwide (Nestlé & General Mills)
  • Holly Gabriel, RNutr (Public Health) - Nutrition Manager, Action on Sugar
  • Andrew Gibb, Founder & Managing Director, Coldpress Foods
  • Amy Glass, UK Diet and Health Policy Manager, Food and Drink Federation

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