Active Nutrition & Healthy Snacking

The third day of the digital summit will kick off with a presentation from Sebastian EMIG, Director General at European Snacks Association on Innovation and product formulation in the European savoury snacks sector – achievements and challenges. Responding to health concerns around consumers’ diets, savoury snacks manufacturers have worked very hard over the last decades to bring great flavours and tastes to market whilst ensuring lower overall salt levels, reducing saturated fat and also total fat content in products. Despite being a minor contributor to European diets with regards to salt, fat and saturated fat, ESA members continue to invest millions of Euros into the reformulation of existing and de-velopment of new products, ingredients and manufactur-ing methods. However, it is extremely challenging to continue reformu-lating at the same pace as before. In terms of salt and fat reduction, the industry is reaching its technological limits and further reducing certain nutrients might mean that some products simply cannot be manufactured anymore (e.g. baked or extruded products) or organoleptic properties might alter so much that consumers will stop purchasing products.

Key take-aways will be:

  • The European savoury snacks sector is a minor contributor of salt, fat and saturated fat to European diets.
  • Savoury snacks companies reduced high amounts of salt, fat and saturated fats via reformulation and product innovation in the last decades.
  • Future product reformulation and innovation successes will be mostly incremental.
  • Product reformulation/innovation alone cannot tackle nutrition and health issues, because there are profound limitations.

We will continue with a presentation from Jean-Christophe Flatin, President of Innovation, Science, Technology and Mars Edge - the entrepreneurial segment of Mars, Incorporated dedicated to nutrition on Reconciling The Food We Want With The Nutrition We Need. Nutrition and activity are the main levers of health maintenance. Yet, today, our current ways of living have created a wide gap between the Food we want and the Nutrition we need. How can we solve this challenge? In this presentation, Jean-Christophe will share how this very question drives what they do every day and the opportunities that can exist through the converging fields of food, health, science, technology and data to create easy and accessible solutions.

Jean-Christophe's presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with live Q&A. Chaired by Oliver Morrison, Section Editor of FoodNavigator , the panel will discuss Balancing affordability, convenience and taste in the healthy snacking and active nutrition space . Consumers are demanding two things: more snacking opportunities and healthier snacks. This provides a sector ripe for innovation. What innovations are delivering nutritionally dense snacking that also meets consumer taste expectations? And how is active nutrition – previously the preserve of gym bunnies – translating into on-the-go snacks for health-conscious consumers?


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