The second day of the digital summit will kick off with a presentation from Carla Hilhorst, EVP of R&D Foods and Refreshment, Unilever on Unilever’s Future Foods. The world food system needs to change. Right now, around two billion people are overweight, while nearly a billion go to bed hungry. The food system should be providing everyone with high quality, tasty and affordable food, with a multitude of plant-based options. Unilever’s vision is to be a world-class Force for Good in Food. That’s why we recently announced our Future Foods commitments to make healthier and plant-based options accessible for all. We do this by growing our plant-based product sales to 1 billion, halving food waste in our direct operations and double the number of products delivering positive nutrition – defined as products containing impactful amounts of vegetables, fruits, proteins, or micronutrients like vitamins, zinc, iron and iodine. Bold, stretching targets which demonstrate our commitment to being a force for good.

Carla's presentation will be followed by presentation by Leonardo Rubio Anselmi, Strategic Marketing Manager Beverages and Nutritional Bars at IFF on Plant-based drink snacks – how to succeed the taste battle. Venture out of the comfortable breakfast zone and think snacking! Snacking is prognosed significant growth and plant-based beverages would be an ideal option combining health and indulgence – so what’s missing from the market? Get insight into the attributes customers like most and how you can meet those desires.

We will continue with a panel discussion with live Q&A. Chaired by Flora Southey, Section Editor of FoodNavigator , the panellists will discuss Plant-based: Deserving of its ‘health halo’? The plant-based sector is booming. Growing demand from flexitarians, vegans, and vegetarians is driving innovation in the meat-free space, giving rise to meat analogues and protein alternatives. But just how healthy are these products? If a meat alternative is ‘ultra-processed’, is it truly better than the real thing? And if not, what can be done to make plant-based products deserving of their health halo?


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