Edson Krenak
Edson Krenak
Indigenous Advocate
Cultural Survival

Edson is a member of the Krenak people in Vanuire, holds a multifaceted role as Cultural Survival’s Lead on Brazil and advocacy coordinator. An accomplished Indigenous activist, writer, and devoted scholar, Edson is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in legal anthropology at the esteemed Uni-versity of Vienna, Austria. With a strong foundation in linguis-tics and literary theory, and cultural studies earned from the Federal University of São Carlos in Brazil, he is a true intellec-tual force. Edson's journey encompasses not only academic pursuits but also a dedication to practical advocacy. He serves as a dynamic speaker and trainer at the Uka Institute in Brazil, actively engaging in the dissemination of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives.

A literary luminary, Edson's literary prowess shines through his achievements, including winning the prestigious 10th Na-tional Tamoios Award for Indigenous Writers in Brazil for his captivating work, "O Sonho de Borum." Moreover, his compel-ling short story, "Kren and Pockrane: Why there is no Twing among the Krenak People," is a notable inclusion in the UNICEF-endorsed 2018 anthology, "Nos, Anthology of Indig-enous Tales." Teaching and education hold a special place in Edson's heart. He has imparted his wisdom on languages, lit-erature, and decolonized history at middle schools and high schools both in Brazil and Austria. For an impressive decade, he championed the Indigenous rights movement in Brazil, promoting Indigenous cultures and literature in educational institutions and cultural centers.

Edson is driven by a global vision, tirelessly working to inter-nationalize the Indigenous rights movement in Brazil, forging connections that transcend language barriers, all while stead-fastly advocating for the protection of Mother Earth. Edson's journey led him to Cultural Survival, where he brings his rich expertise to bear on various facets of our work, from advocacy to capacity building, and contributing to the Keepers of the Earth Fund.

Expressing his enthusiasm for this role, he states, “I am excit-ed about this job because Cultural Survival has a long history in Brazil and my main objective is to contribute to making this story full of milestones and significant achievements for In-digenous Peoples of Cerrado, Caatinga, Amazon Rain forest and Atlantic Forest, the main biomes protected by Indigenous Peoples in the country.” Hailing from a lineage known as Botocudos, Edson's linguistic prowess spans Portuguese, Spanish, English, and he is currently studying German. His vibrant journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to enriching Indigenous cultures, advocating for rights, and fostering meaningful connections that transcend borders.