Dr. Vincent Walsh
Dr. Vincent Walsh
Founder & Head of Innovation
Regenerative Farming Collaborations (RegenFarmCo)

Dr Vincent Walsh is one of the UK’s leading sustain-able food and regenerative agriculture experts. He is a consultant for some of the UK’s biggest food and beverage organisations, supporting them on projects and product development aligned to net zero targets. Current clients include global foodservice business Compass Group (and its subsidiaries Levy UK + Ire-land and Eurest), and Quorn Professional.

He also acts as a mentor to younger famers as part of Defra’s Farming Innovation Programme, is an advisor to the Plant Based Food Alliance, and works closely with organisations such as the Organic Research Centre (ORC) on issues such as carbon capture and soil health.

As well as a farming and food consultant, Vinny is a dynamic entrepreneur who applies his experience to create food businesses and brands. He founded RegenfarmCo, a regenerative agriculture company which works with landowners to replace monoculture with more circular growing processes; Mycoloops, a startup business which utilises food waste to help grow high value mushroom; and Herblabism, a plant based burger and sausage brand for the food service sector.