Ben Goodwin
Ben Goodwin
CEO, Co-Founder & Formulator

As an entrepreneur and product developer, Ben has been focused on digestive health and the human microbiome for more than a decade. Two-thirds of Americans suffer from digestive distress, and there is no single area of nutrition and science that has greater potential to positively impact human health. Typical American diets are high in fat and sugar, and low in fiber and nutrient diversity. In fact, 50% of adults consume soda daily.

That’s why Ben and David created OLIPOP -- a new kind of soda with prebiotics, botanicals and fiber. Each can has 9g fiber and 2-5g sugar, crafted in delicious soda style flavors. They've assembled a global team of researchers and work closely with them to translate cutting edge research.

Ben will be part of a panel discussion on "Prebiotic fibers and resistant starch" on March 17.